Panggilan Universitas Desa

Rural Baha'i Inspired University in Cameroon needs Ruhi-trained travel teachers and year of service volunteers.

About the opportunityThe Rural Baha'i Inspired University in Cameroon is part of a Bahai inspired NGO. The Rural University has developed a programme based on the main series of Ruhi courses and some branch courses that have been developed to bolster education. The practical part of the course revolves around the rural universe, especially areas of education, health, and food production. This is a new project: the first session started September 2005.
Volunteer needsPeople who have attended Ruhi training can assist as travel teachers, and later on as YOS volunteers. Volunteers will be accommodated in housing with electricity but no internet connection. The closest town is 50 kilometers away. A contribution towards food, gas and electricity costs of $50 (USD) per month is required.

More informationThe foundation is moral education based on the main series of courses of the Ruhi Institute. The branch courses that come from that trunk such as the pre-youth courses, the course for Women, Concepts for a positive scholastic environment etc., will also be employed. URIB will also create a curriculum for rural education in the Rain Forest region of Cameroon. The goal of this system is to help the forest populations to respond to their basic human needs as well as strengthening the moral foundations of the area.