Indonesia: "tabunganku" program is launched

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) is optimistic that "tabunganku" programs can increase the number of public money in the bank amounting to Rp 40 trillion.

"Of 135 million people who do not have saving account is about 80 million people. Suppose half of them have banking accountor about 40 million to ave money in in the bank at around to Rp. 10.000 only, then there will be an increase in domestic savings as much as Rp 40 trillion," he said as he launched movements and launch Indonesia "tabunganku" in Kemayoran, Jakarta , Saturday (20/2/2010).

The President said, increasing the amount of savings in the banking community will also bring positive impact for the state. Increasing the amount of savings, could indirectly reduce foreign debt.

"The number of savings will also increase investment by as more and more available financing sources. This can gradually reduce foreign debt," he said.
"Tabunganku" is the product of cooperation between Bank Indonesia (BI) with the national banking industry. On this occasion, President Yudhoyono presented awards to the BI and the Indonesian banking sector which has been proclaimed sincere savings programs. According to the President, TabungaKu program is a new milestone in the world in a savings bank related people with our welfare efforts.

"The government continues to develop pro-people programs. The Government will continue to help assist people who are still poor. In the field of education, health with public health insurance and other assistance, there is also subsidized rice," he said.

According to the President, the movement to save and the savings Indonesia can also increase people's welfare. Because the concept of this product is a fair development for the community.