Rp15 Billion Scholarships for Students with International Achievements

Students who have an international achievement in science competition or an Olympiad could study in any university with state fund.

For those in junior high school, they will be provided with facilities to study in senior high school.

“There are scholarships provided, and they could study abroad,” said the Minister of National Education, Muhammad Nuh, when accompanying Vice President Boediono on a dialogue with students and teachers in Bali Wednesday (26/5).

Nuh said that the policy was formulated since three years ago according to a Presidential instruction.

But separately, the Deputy Minister of National Education, Fasli Jalal, revealed that the scholarship start to be provided in 2009 state budget.

There is 15 billion. “Living and education expenses are fully covered,” he said.

But not all competition or Olympiad winners can get it.

Fasli has mentioned the criteria, competition with the high number of participants, and the selection process is carried out in stages, beginning from sub-districts level.