Study at University of Hargeisa

Applicants for graduate study must have adequate financial support to cover fees for tuition, registration, administration, etc. Tuition fees vary from program to program. The current fees are fixed as follows and may be subject to change without prior notice.Application fees for admission are to be paid during the submission of the application documents. Application fees are not refundable. All other applicable fees must be paid for the full year upon registration for the first semester.


Faculty/CourseRegular student fees per academic year
Bachelor Business Administration$315 per Year
Bachelor of Law$360 per Year
Bachelor of Medicine$385 per Year
Bachelor of Science$315 per Year
Bachelor of Computer Science $380 per year
Bachelor of Education$315 per Year
Bachelor of Journalism$270
Certificate of Journalism$ 330 (One year Program)
Bachelor of Islamic studies$315 per Year
Information technology Essential I & II$120 ( Four months program)
Other Fees:

Application for admission: $10 USD
Graduation fee: $20 USD

For more information contact:

email: Tell: 002522515921