Study In Medan

The Medan English Society is undoubtedly a very active and dynamic English Club. There are several English Clubs in Medan that are in the KGCC network and yet Medan English Club is the only Club that never fails to communicate with KGRE. Emails and CARs regularly arrived at the KGRE office. Their reports are always interesting to read. It seems that this Club is well-managed and that all of the members are very committed to run this Club successfully. This is confirmed in this brief summary of the club:

Medan English Society (MES) is one of the Kang Guru Connection Clubs which is based in Medan. The motto of the Club is “Fun, Fresh and Smart”. MES provides such a conducive atmosphere for those who want to practice their English. MES has been joining together with Kang Guru Radio English for more than two years. KGRE is the network that is made up of over 50 active English Clubs from many different parts of Indonesia. Each Kang Guru Connection Club has its own activities done at their base. MES welcomes those who are really interested in improving their English language skills to join our Club activities. Good job guys.
Show What You Meant

We are happy to tell you about our club activities during this festive season. Soon after we received the KGRE package we organised a competition among our members on Saturdays. We invited them all to tell a story about their unforgettable experience. They really enjoyed the activities because it’s really fun and cool bananas. For those who got a chance to be a story teller they were also evaluated by other members who acted as judges. If they did not know what to say, we already prepared special stories for them. The stories taken from our own club story - ‘MY SCHOOL’ which won the Runner-Up position from KGRE Writing Competition 2003 (KGRE note: The story is on the KGRE website Stories Page for people to read), and from other resources likeDPDF and Internet. We believe that the system run at our club meetings could be one of the interesting activities for other KGCCs. We need your help to give us comments on this system.