ITS: Indonesian Leading University in Military Stealth Technology

Occupying a large area totaling 180 hectares as its main campus in Sukolilo, an area in the vicinity of East Surabaya, not only does ITS provide advantages for both excellent scientific activities and pleasant natural life environment, but it also has a very friendly atmosphere and enormous community spirit. To this main campus should be added the Manyar campus, home of the Diploma-3 Program in Civil Engineering, and the Cokroaminoto campus, where the Graduate Program in Management, ITS Cultural Center, and some collaborative institutions are based.

The Institute has long been maintaining its reputation for innovative and proactive relationships with industry and the public services. Recognized as one of the best technology universities in Indonesia, ITS offers great and challenging career prospects to its graduates. Many of our graduates are now occupying top positions in business, as well as public organizations. Joining ITS means ensuring your head start in today’s competitive job market.

Currently, ITS has a wide range of degree and non-degree programs which are managed under five faculties, i.e., Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Faculty of Marine Technology and Faculty of Information Technology. In addition, two polytechnics operate under the Institute’s management, i.e., Electronic State Polytechnics and Shipbuilding State Polytechnics.
ITS offers 76 courses run under 6 doctorate programs (S-3), 13 master programs (S-2), 22 undergraduate programs (S-1), 6 programs of three-year diploma (D-3) under the Faculty of Industrial Technology and Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, 4 programs of four-year diploma of polytechnic (D-4), and 8 programs of three-year diploma of polytechnic (D-3).